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Check our Intero’s athletic virtual reality headset for sports and cardio machine exercise: if you want to feel as though you are actually exercising in an immersive environment while on a stationary machine, an athletic VR headset is the way to go. A couple years ago, Intero discovered that there are few virtual reality headsets designed specifically for athletes. The Intero Research and Development Team tested nearly every headset on the market and found that most headsets will quickly become hot, sweaty, and foggy after you use them to exercise—even for a short period of time. Many headsets are also too heavy or clunky for exercise and cause discomfort.

Because our headsets are produced in-house, we have built and tested dozens of designs. We’ve worked with rowers and other athletes to develop a headset with a shape that allows for cool air to enter the side vents, while extracting warm air. This design prevents the lenses from fogging. The Intero VR headset is currently the lightest athletic VR headset on the market, weighing only 50g (1.8 oz). Once you are immersed in exercise, you barely remember you are wearing a virtual reality headset for sports! This is the best way to add a new dimension to your exercise regime.

Sports VR headset with mobile phone
Man wearing sports VR headset
Sports VR headset with mobile phone

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