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Interesting in becoming a beta tester? Email contact@interovr.com

If you’ve ever felt bored or unmotivated during cardio exercise at the gym, you’re not alone. Intero was founded by athletes who felt the same way and wanted to make machine exercise more social and stimulating. We’ve developed API-driven, beta smart phone applications which sync up with Concept2 rowing and ski ergs, allowing you to compete with friends, join classes, visualize interactive environments, and make you feel like you’re rowing in a river or skiing down the alps. These apps will be accessible on any smart device later this year. For those who want to really immerse themselves and see their friends exercising next to them in virtual reality, we developed an athletic VR headset which your mobile phone can fit into; the headset is the most sweat-resistant and lightweight on the market. Please email us if you’re interested in beta-testing our apps or headset. If you are a developer interested in using our API for developing apps for Concept2 machines, Wahoo sensors, and soon more machines, please visit the “Developers” section of the site.


  • Train within a community of similar fitness skills and compete

  • Access data analysis to improve your workouts and health.

  • Train with workouts developed by professional coaches

  • Immerse yourself in environments designed for your workout

The applications are still in beta mode. They will be publicly launched on the App Store and Google Play in late 2019. Applications will be available for gym and individual subscriptions. Contact us to become a beta tester or if you would like to join the startup.