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Rodrigo Savage
Rodrigo SavageCo-founder, CEO
Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
Engineering and Entrepreneurship with a background in machine learning algorithms, computer vision, computer science, IoT, robotics, 3D modeling/printing, computer architecture, full stack development, SolidWorks, Unity, and VR/AR development.
Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca RogersCo-founder
Lives in Virginia, USA.
She Is a VR developer, researcher, and audio engineer with degrees in Neuroscience and Music. She has additional experience with UI/UX, Unity, memory soundscape production, music therapy, endurance athletics, and psychology.
Flor Hernández
Flor HernándezLead UX researcher
Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
She is the Lead UX Researcher, with a background in Human Computer Interaction, Design Theory, History and Methodology, UX/UI.
Industrial Design Master Degree, Theory and History, Cultural Studies by National Autonomous University of México. Psychology of Interaction Design, Emotional Design studies by The Interaction Design Foundation.
Samantha Morales
Samantha MoralesIndustrial Designer
Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
She is the vr headset designer, with a degree in industrial design, and background in UI/UX, aesthetics, ergonomic design, and 3D modeling.
Roberto Fuchs
Roberto FuchsVR Senior Developer
Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
He is the Senior VR Developer, with a background in robotics, electronics, and VR/AR. Roberto is a Unity Certified Developer and Co-Founder of WASD studio.
Dr. Alice Ferng
Dr. Alice FerngResearch Lead
Lives in Washington, USA
She is the Senior Research Lead with a Ph.D. in Physiological Sciences and Medicine, a B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, and a B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, with experience in scientific, medical, and translational research. She is currently a Designer and Engineer at a major tech company, Professor of Surgery, and Principal Investigator, with a background in systems engineering, full-stack development, wearable devices, VR/AR development, and UI/UX. In her spare time.
Caitlin Clancy
Caitlin ClancyResearcher
Lives in Arizona, USA
She is a VR Developer with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Biomechanics, and is experienced with mechanical and software design engineering, Unity, Solidworks, and biomechanics research. She has professional experience in Silicon Valley as a VR developer, and is currently a software engineer at a health tech company.
Mauricio Vargas
Mauricio VargasEngineer
Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
He is computer engineer and a 3d modeler, and level designer in Unity. Roberto, Mauricio, and Rodrigo worked in the same engineering lab at the university in 2006, and worked on VR projects.
Pavel Estrada
Pavel EstradaConsultant
Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
He is our Athletics Mentor with extensive experience in coaching rowing and case study design. Pavel is a sub-director of Athletic Sports in Mexico. Pavel was Rodrigo’s coach when winning the national championship.